Membership by LiquidSpace

Get discounted, on-demand access to private workspaces at local coworking venues.
Membership has its benefits
As a full-fledged member of your local coworking venue, you’ll receive invites to member-only events, and stay up to date on community happenings.
Get 20% off on-demand private office, meeting room and dedicated desk space. Pay for only the space you use.
Enjoy a 10% discount when you book private offices, meeting rooms and desks when you travel to any of the other participating venues on LiquidSpace.
Working from home doesn't always work. That's why we created Membership by LiquidSpace.
Become a member to get discounted, on-demand access to private offices and meeting rooms at your local coworking venue.
Membership for Individuals
to become a member of your local coworking space
20% off
on-demand space bookings at your home location
10% off
on-demand space at participating locations nationwide
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Membership for Teams
membership and on-demand space for teams of 10+
Simplified procurement
with a single platform and point of contact
Centralized billing
to manage costs and reporting
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Membership is the perfect alternative to working from home
A professional work environment
Clean and private spaces
Fast and reliable Internet
Work close to home
Pay only for what you use
Let our team help you find a coworking membership near you
Ready to feel productive again?