12 Centennial Circuit, Byron Bay, NSW 2481
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12 Centennial Circuit, Byron Bay, NSW 2481
Located in the heart of the Byron Bay Industy Estate, 5 minutes bike ride from the beaches and cafes. THEworkPOD offers a unique experience enabling the fusion of lifestyle, work and creative collaboration. THEworkPOD is a funky, vintage inspired, co-creative environment for established creatives, freelancers or startups. The space is built to accommodate a variety of needs; from small private offices, hotdesking & a multi-use project room. THEworkPOD is ideal for creative workshop, laid-back seminars, small event venue & exhibitions. THEworkPOD is your home away from home, where you will engage with individuals passionate in their chosen field, community & lifestyle.
4 Hourly Spaces
AUD $22/day‑pass
12 Coworking Passes Available
Our large family vintage table can welcome up to 12 people working on their laptop. This table is at the center of the space and is the best place to meet new creatives, bounce ideas and check out the vibe of your new work place! View Details
Meeting Lounge
Meeting Lounge
Starting at AUD $220/day
Semi-private Meeting Space for 8
Show Prices
AUD $28/hour
AUD $110/half‑day ($27.50/hour)
AUD $220/day ($27.50/hour)
Our project room can accommodate the needs of our resident members and guests upon booking. You will find here a comfy lounge area, and a large recycled hardwood table with a dedicated sliding door opening on our private … View Details
Micro Pods
Micro Pods
AUD $38/day‑pass
2 Coworking Passes Available
Our "Micro-Pods" are large size cubical. They are right in between Hotdesk & Private office offering a large open but private space right in the middle of the our warehouse. Definitely the ideal spot at the intersection of … View Details
AUD $38/day‑pass
5 Coworking Passes Available
Our enclosed "Pods" are ideal for individual who need private space and focus. These small offices are all equipped with large desk, office chair, shelving & a sliding door that can be locked with a personal pad lock. With … View Details

Amenities & Services at 12 Centennial Circuit

  • WiFi
  • Accessibility
  • Coffee/Tea
  • Filtered Water
  • Parking
  • Print/Scan/Copy
  • Projector
  • Whiteboard

Space Types at 12 Centennial Circuit

  • Meeting Space
  • Desk


12 Centennial Circuit, Byron Bay, NSW 2481

Community THE WORK POD in Byron Bay

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