NS Sydney optim2
309 Kent Street, Level 12, Sydney, NS 2000
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309 Kent Street, Level 12, Sydney, NS 2000
optim2 is a management consultancy focused solely on Financial operations and the agenda of the Chief Financial Officer
1 Hourly Space
Furnished office space
Furnished office space
AUD $330/day‑pass
2 Open Desk Available
Situated near the corner of Kent and Erskine Street in Sydney CBD, this office space is located on level 12 of the Lumley House building. With Wynyard Station, Town Hall and Darling Harbour all being within walking distance, … View Details

Amenities & Services at 309 Kent Street

  • Accessibility
  • Filtered Water
  • Phone

Space Types at 309 Kent Street

  • Desk


309 Kent Street, Level 12, Sydney, NS 2000

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