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Training Room for 40 at Tech Ranch
8920 Business Park Drive, 250, Austin, TX 78759
Training Room
Our training room has floor to ceiling windows opening to an atrium with natural light. The room includes mini kitchen complete with sink, coffee maker, granite countertops. Large projection screen and whiteboard included. Rollaway TV with video conferencing available upon request/based on availability. The space is part of Tech Ranch (incubator) and hosts many training and speaking events. Tables and chairs can be configured in multiple ways.
Full refund if you cancel 24 hours before the reservation start time.
Cancellation Policy
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Tech Ranch

8920 Business Park Drive, 250, Austin, TX 78759

About Tech Ranch in Austin

Entrepreneurial, creative, techy vibe shared environments, with mostly open floor space and some private offices. Community and networking a big draw.
Tech Ranch, an entrepreneur development organization in Austin, TX offers first-time and seasoned entrepreneurs the resources and tools necessary to launch and grow their companies. With a focus on developing the entrepreneur instead of the idea, Tech Ranch helps foster the growth of the individual who can then go on to do many great things, despite what happens with their venture. By facilitating international connections, Tech Ranch empowers entrepreneurs to tap into the greater global community, providing opportunities to learn, grow and expand. Tech Ranch is committed to helping entrepreneurs across all industries in order to help them realize their potential for personal success and find their ability to have social impact.
1 Hourly Space
Campfire Room
Campfire Room
Event Space for 60
Large open space can be configured several ways. Space includes furniture (rollaway tables with power, chairs, couches). Two small conference rooms (one with web conferencing) available at additional charge. View Details
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