Bombay Room at Chestnut Hill Hotel
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This space is hosted by Chestnut Hill Hotel.
Full refund if you cancel 24 hours before the reservation start time.
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Private Meeting Room for 40 at Chestnut Hill Hotel

8229 Germantown Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19118
Bombay Room
The Bombay room is elegantly designed and comfortably seats up to 40 people. The room is carpeted, has two windows, and counter top space. A drop down screen and projector are available upon request.
Full refund if you cancel 24 hours before the reservation start time.
Cancellation Policy
Amenities & Services
Free Wi-fi
We do not offer catering, but the Chestnut Grill, Paris Bistro, and Green Soul all offer catering and are on site at the property. We also recommend Herb Scott Catering and can give you contact information for any of these caterers.
Window View
On-site Restaurant
The Chestnut Grill is open for lunch and dinner and Sunday brunch. Paris Bistro is open for dinner. Green Soul is open for lunch and dinner.
We have a parking lot located on South Hampton Street. Parking is free. Receive a tag to put in your car from the parking attendant or from the front desk.
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Chestnut Hill Hotel

8229 Germantown Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19118

About Chestnut Hill Hotel in Philadelphia

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Professional, full service space that caters to those looking to do private work in a shared environment with office facilities and services.
The Chestnut Hill Hotel is a 140-year old boutique hotel located in historic Chestnut Hill. It is 100% smoke-free and has 36 guest rooms (27 in the main building, 5 in the Post Office Building, and 4 in the Carriage House). It has recently been renovated and features artwork by Fresh Artists and has water fountains in the Fareway and a fire pit. We offer free parking, free-wifi, and complimentary breakfast. Rooms start at $169 for a Queen on the weekdays.

Rating and Reviews for Bombay Room

Bombay Room
Bombay Room
The staff was very cordial and helpful. The venue was also flexible on timing and provided complimentary beverages. Relatedly, the onsite restaurant was not only convenient but had good food and friendly service. I would definitely book here again in the future.
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