22 West Conference Room at CREATIVE WORKSPACE @HBA
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Full refund if you cancel 24 hours before the reservation start time.
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Private Meeting Room for 12 at CREATIVE WORKSPACE @HBA

275 Malcolm X Boulevard, New York, NY 10027
22 West Conference Room
22 West was the name of the Harlem Restaurant – Bar – Jazz Club – Gallery & Banquet Room frequented by the likes of Mohammad Ali, Martin Luther King Jr and more before closing it's doors a few years ago. 22 West opened it’s arms to be the kitchen for great thinkers, literature, music and revolutions of enormous impact on the world-- our conference room follows in the path.

Comfortable for up to 10, the 22 Conference Room is ideal for your business/entrepreneurial needs. High speed Wi-Fi, flat screen TV monitors with AV hook up capabilities, video conferencing capabilities, modern executive style swivel chairs and privacy at your convenience.

This conference room is only available from 9am - 6pm, Monday through Friday.

**Please note: chairs can be swapped for more space

Full refund if you cancel 24 hours before the reservation start time.
Cancellation Policy
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New York

New York


Entrepreneurial, creative, techy vibe shared environments, with mostly open floor space and some private offices. Community and networking a big draw.
When the Harlem Business Alliance opened the doors to Creative Workspace at HBA in NY in March 2013, it was the first co-working space in Harlem, New York City. Located on the ground floor at 275 Lenox Avenue, Creative Workspace is dedicated to providing an innovation hub where entrepreneurs can meet, collaborate, and work. The center is available to rent for co-workers, meetings, and private events.
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