Private Meeting Room at Leroy Meeting Room - West Village
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Host at Leroy Meeting Room - West Village
This space is hosted by Ann Marlowe.
Full refund if you cancel 24 hours before the reservation start time.
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Private Meeting Room for 12 at Leroy Meeting Room - West Village

36 Leroy Street, New York, NY 10014 | Greenwich Village
Private Meeting Room
Meeting and workspace is found on 2 private floors of a 6 level historic Federalist townhouse in the heart of the West Village. Space may be used as a conference room and is ideal for small businesses needing a touchdown space to meet up in downtown New York City. Separate reception/sitting area with comfortable couch and chairs. Private bathroom for your guests. Located on 2 floors of the 6 level home. Helpful host on hand to show you around and help facilitate with all needs.
Full refund if you cancel 24 hours before the reservation start time.
Cancellation Policy
Amenities & Services
includes powerful 5ghz wifi throughout house
Coffee/Tea ($)
Rancilio Silvia espresso maker provided
Filtered Water
First 5 pages free, then 10 cents per page. Limit 50 pages.
Central Parking 17 Leroy St New York, NY (212) 242-8451
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Greenwich Village

Greenwich Village

The cornerstone of NYC’s bohemian scene, Greenwich Village, aka The Village, is an arts haven lined with mid-rise rowhouses

About Leroy Meeting Room - West Village in New York

Private Business
Larger more cost effective space from a desk to a floor and conference rooms shared with the host company and a few others. Find synergies and a culture fit.
Meet or work at a historic 1852 brick five story townhouse in the heart of Manhattan's West Village with private outdoor space. The two-story height greenhouse ceiling dining room makes a great meeting and workspace, seating 8 comfortably and 12 in a pinch. Rental includes the charming sitting room with couch, chairs (bonus: wood burning fireplace) as well as one bathroom. Rental also includes delightful private patio which is the only area acceptable for smoking. Renters have exclusive access to these spaces during rental. Owner of house works on other floors of private residence and is happy to help facilitate your upcoming meeting or event.

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Private Meeting Room
Private Meeting Room
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