Interview Room at PelotonLabs
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This space is hosted by Elizabeth Trice.
Full refund if you cancel 24 hours before the reservation start time.
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Private Meeting Room for 3 at PelotonLabs

795 Congress St, Portland, ME 04102
Interview Room
Small room for up to 3 people with whiteboard and conference phone. Available to PelotonLabs members only.
Full refund if you cancel 24 hours before the reservation start time.
Cancellation Policy
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Our first floor facilities, including the Bramhall Room, Interview Room, kitchen, and our primary open workspace, are accessible. Our second floor, including private offices, quiet zone and Observatory Room, are NOT accessible.
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795 Congress St, Portland, ME 04102

About PelotonLabs in Portland

Entrepreneurial, creative, techy vibe shared environments, with mostly open floor space and some private offices. Community and networking a big draw.
PelotonLabs is a coworking space in a modern two-story building on the West end of Congress Street in downtown Portland, about a 5 minute walk to Maine Medical Center and restaurants, and a 15 minute walk to USM or Monument Square. The first floor is has 18 desks in open format with a 8-person conference room, couches, kitchen, printer, bathroom, phone/meditation room, exercise rings, and deck. Upstairs is a cozy semi-private space that can accommodate events with up to 40 people, has couches, 5 desks, and four private offices. Our space is comfortable, quiet, urban, friendly, and has lots of natural light. Our members are designers, non-profits, consultants, small companies, entrepreneurs, and developers. Call us for scheduling weekend and evening times.
3 Hourly Spaces
Bramhall Room
Bramhall Room
Starting at $8/15 minutes
Private Meeting Room for 10
Show Prices
$8/15 minutes ($32/hour)
$75/half‑day ($18.75/hour)
$125/day ($15.63/hour)
Conference room with white board and projection screen. Spacious for 6, can fit up to 8 at table or 10 in room. Our doors normally open at 9am and close at 5, so if you want to get into the building before 9am or stay after … View Details
DayPass Seat at Table or Couch
DayPass Seat at Table or Couch
10 Coworking Passes Available
Work at a table or couch area in open format space with natural light, sidewalk access, couches, tables, kitchen, deck and phone room. Includes coffee and tea all day and snacks at 2:30pm! 9-5 Monday-Friday only. If you're … View Details
First Floor Lobby Area
First Floor Lobby Area
Starting at $60/hour
Event Space for 50
Show Prices
$120/half‑day ($30/hour)
$200/day ($25/hour)
Open format space on sidewalk level for receptions up to 50 people or seated events for up to 25. Available evenings and weekends only. View Details

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Interview Room
Interview Room
reviewed on Hourly Workspace
Interview Room
Interview Room
reviewed on Hourly Workspace
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