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Design Cloud Coworking
118 North Peoria Street, 2N, Chicago, IL 60607
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Design Cloud Coworking

118 North Peoria Street, 2N, Chicago, IL 60607
Design Cloud Coworking is a branch of the Design Cloud network which also includes a branding agency and an art gallery. Our coworking space orchestrates work around creative entrepreneurs in design, art, and tech. Design Cloud Coworking seeks individuals who believe in the "new way to work" and want to share in a collaborative environment where independents can connect, share resources, and thrive. Design Cloud is a branding agency. We believe design is the new language for business, creating lasting value for our clients and community alike. Spanning large scale corporate projects to niche identity development, we work in digital interactive, print, interior and experience design. For developers, hospitality groups, and sophisticated property owners, our diverse combination of creative expertise and real estate acumen positions us to better understand our clients’ needs and motivations. Utilizing a holistic practice, we turn risks into opportunities.

1 Hourly Space

Main Coworking Studio
Main Coworking Studio
10 Coworking Passes Available
During the day, this space is our main work space where members share ideas, connect, collaborate, and thrive. Tables in main studio can be moved, put together, and repositioned. Every tables also has an attached power strip. View Details
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