Large Conference Suite at Kennedy Court Reporters
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This space is hosted by Rebecca Nedelchev.
Full refund if you cancel 24 hours before the reservation start time.
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Private Meeting Room for 25 at Kennedy Court Reporters

920 West 17th Street, Second Floor, Santa Ana, CA 92706
Large Conference Suite
Our large conference room comfortably seats 16 around the table, and up to 25 in room. It is on the first floor, with a private entrance, separate from the main office.

Within the conference suite, there is a restroom and an additional side room great for a confidential conversation aside from the large group. Phone for conference calls, mini-fridge and wet-bar, wi-fi, and parking are all complimentary.

Great for private meetings, depositions, or seminars.
Full refund if you cancel 24 hours before the reservation start time.
Cancellation Policy
Amenities & Services
Projector ($)
Project and screen available at $25 per day.
Catering ($)
Catering available from any local restaurant, such as California Pizza Kitchen, Olive Garden, Corner Bakery, Z Pizza, Subway Sandwiches, and El Pico de Gallo.
Print/Scan/Copy ($)
Scanning complimentary. Copy and print available at $0.50 per page for black and white, $1.00 per page for color.
Large conference room is on the first floor, while the main office and small conference room is on second floor, up a flight of stairs. To check in, please call upon arrival, if you cannot show up on the second floor. Thanks!
Filtered Water
Complex is on the southwest corner of Flower and 17th Street, with wood shingle buildings. Complimentary parking is in the complex's lot. Building 920 is directly adjacent to the driveway entrance on 17th Street.
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Orange County

About Kennedy Court Reporters in Santa Ana

Private Business
Larger more cost effective space from a desk to a floor and conference rooms shared with the host company and a few others. Find synergies and a culture fit.
Book our small or large conference room for your next meeting, seminar, mediation, arbitration or deposition.
1 Hourly Space
Small Conference Room
Small Conference Room
Starting at $30/hour
Private Meeting Room for 8
Show Prices
$200/day ($25/hour)
Comfortably seats 6 around table, 8 in room. Our small conference room comfortably seats 6 around the table, and up to 8 in room. It is on the second floor, with restroom and kitchen access. Phone for conference calls, … View Details
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