Pier 39/Wharf Private Events Space at Modern & Sunny Private Space
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This space is hosted by Brian Lawrence.

Event Space for 49 at Modern & Sunny Private Space

1329 Columbus Ave, Suite A, San Francisco, CA 94133
Pier 39/Wharf Private Events Space
This large duel area has an open events space with plenty of light is versatile, normally filled with any combination of sofas (2-3), chairs(10-30), desks(2-8). the second part is a Professional Back Yard deck area (Catering, BBQ and social area that holds about 20), The space can be opened for events including Holiday Parties, birthday parties, professional events, Catered Dinners, award ceremonies and parties. We have had private birthday parties, baby showers as well as had teams from small startups all the way to Google and Apple use our services. we have had everything from bands to small performances in the space.

Dimensions: Main large room, about 20'x45', with part of it curtained of about 20'x10', the optionally curtain can be opened for full bigger area. Access is via 1 flight of straight stairs. back yard is angled at about 25'x10' with seating and BBQ available.

Standard Layout: Layout is tables/chairs for 20+ in a Rectangular formation for big group. also available is a projector, 2 whiteboards., The front area containing lounge area for 10, and the back curtained-off area with a sofa & table for coffee/Refreshments. More sofas can be added upon request for additional charge.

Alternate Layouts: A) Large Presentation area B) 6-8 individual breakout 6-person group tables C) Rectangular "conference" layout D) Standing area with 'booth' style presentation areas

Additional On-Site Spaces Available: A) Back yard deck for private social/meal gatherings angled 25'x10' for up to 20 people B) A nice smaller private events area or staging or activities room room that Holds up to 15 people C) 25' x 25' large carpeted area with floor-to-ceiling windows for more social activities. D) Airbnb style corporate housing studios.

Additional Services: Catering and drinks, professional team building, customer space setup, customized unique events through our partner company Urban Diversion Active.

Past Events include: Staging area for Scavenger hunts, Birthday/holiday parties, auditions, seminars, etc

Parking: Parking is easily available in the parking structure across the street.

Transport: F-line, cable cars, ferries, and numerous SF and Marin buses leave from within a block

We aspire to be as flexible as you need with your space. There is a 4 hour minimum. if your event needs to run longer for any reason, that is no problem. any time used outside your pre-booked window is at 1.5x the hourly rate.

Accommodates up to 35 in a conference style seating, and up to 49 in a classroom style arrangement.
Amenities & Services
Basic ceiling mounted projector and screen, includes inputs for PC and Mac, setup upon request.
Room Set-up
Room can be configured in a conference room (horseshoe shape), classroom style (facing whiteboard & projector) or smaller couch/chair discussion group pods. Additional configurations can be made by request. Small set-up fee may apply.
TV/Monitor ($)
A 55" Flat screen HD TV is available upon request along with a Blue Ray DVD player, and HDMI and regular inputs.
Video Conference ($)
We can setup for a Video conference, please schedule an additional 30 minutes prior to your booking to setup the video conference system.
Whiteboard ($)
We have two large whiteboard that can be setup attached to wall or on a free standing easel
Catering ($)
We work with many local caterers & delis and can meet any of your requests. Please be advised that there is a $5/person flat rate fee for ANY outside food or drink brought in. This includes delivered/boxed lunches, snacks, pizzas, coffee, etc
Coffee/Tea ($)
We provide a full suite of beverage services including water, coffee/tea, soft drinks and can provide beer & wine. Drink menu available on request. Please be advised that there is $5/pp charge for ANY outside beverages brought in.
On-site Restaurant ($)
In addition to the restaurant on site which is open upon request only, we work with all 3 restaurants on our block to meet your catering needs. Please note that the nicest restaurant in SF is on our block, Gary Danko.
Parking available on street or in a paid public lot
Print/Scan/Copy ($)
We have standard color laser printers, as well as Print shop quality Large Size photo printers.
Window View
Filtered Water
We provide a full beverage menu- including bottled water, soft drinks, coffee/tea & beer/wine. Menu available on request
Pet Friendly
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