Training room/classroom (1) at Stafford House International
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Host at Stafford House International
This space is hosted by Jenefer Johnson.
Full refund if you cancel 24 hours before the reservation start time.
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Training Room for 15 at Stafford House International

417 Montgomery Street, 300, San Francisco, CA 94104 | Financial District
Training room/classroom (1)
Rooms available are 200-275 square feet. Bright training rooms/classrooms include 15 tablet chairs and a presenter/teacher table and chair. 2-3 additional tablet chairs can be added if needed. 65" touchscreen large interactive TV is included for your use. Ideal for training or classroom needs.

We have multiple classrooms available. The classroom assigned may not be the exact classroom in the picture below, but all classrooms have the same furniture, technology, and are very similar in style.

Corporate training groups renting this room will also have access to our staff kitchen, with free coffee/tea.
Full refund if you cancel 24 hours before the reservation start time.
Cancellation Policy
Amenities & Services
Room Set-up
Tablet chairs are included. Default setup is a U-shape around the edge of the room. Different setups of the tablet chairs can be accommodated with 24 hours notice.
A rolling dry-erase board, with surface area approximately 32" x 40", can be provided upon request, with markers. 65" mounted touchscreen can also be used as a whiteboard.
Our building and specific spaces are ADA accessible.
Separate projector is not included, but see below details on TV/Monitor. 65" mounted interactive touchscreen can be used as projector.
65" interactive touchscreen TV is mounted, with connected computer - or available ports for connecting via your own USB/thumbdrive.
Filtered Water
We have filtered water at the kitchen sink on both the 2nd and 3rd floors, and two additional standing water-filter systems on the 3rd floor.
Kitchen with refrigerator, microwave, single-serve coffee machine, storage cabinets.
Use of copier/scanner/printer can be negotiated with monthly rentals, up to 1000 copies per month for the office suite are included in the price.
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Financial District

Financial District

The San Francisco business hub forms the iconic skyline of the city

About Stafford House International in San Francisco

Private Business
Larger more cost effective space from a desk to a floor and conference rooms shared with the host company and a few others. Find synergies and a culture fit.
Stafford House is a language school that hosts students from all over the world. Our space is located in the heart of the Financial District, a 5 minute walk from Montgomery Street BART and surrounded by restaurants and coffee shops.
1 Monthly Space
Office suite w/conference room & kitchen
Office suite w/conference room & kitchen
Office Suite for 15
three months min. term (Auto - renewed)
This office suite includes an open concept office space with bench desks lining the walls and along the center. It is currently set with chairs and drawers for 13, but it could easily accommodate up to 20. Also included … View Details
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