Cubicle 1 at Business Intelligence 101
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Host at Business Intelligence 101
This space is hosted by Kevin Lalor.
Full refund if you cancel 24 hours before the reservation start time.
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Coworking for 1 at Business Intelligence 101

2470 First Street, Suite #204, Livermore, CA 94550 | Tri-Valley
Cubicle 1
Quiet work space designed to ensure privacy and maximize productivity. Allows you to work at your own schedule, free from distractions.
Full refund if you cancel 24 hours before the reservation start time.
Cancellation Policy
Amenities & Services
Free and unlimited access to our guest Wi-Fi.
Fully handicap accessible with an elevator to navigate to the working space.
Shared access to a kitchen, which includes coffee, tea, hot chocolate, cream, sugar, hot water, cups/mugs, and a Keurig coffee maker, available for use at any time.
Filtered Water
Free Alhambra bottled water access in the kitchen for clean and filtered water, both hot and cold.
Unlimited access to printing, scanning, and copying.
Free parking is provided in an adjacent parking structure (about a 1 minute walk), located at 2350 Railroad Ave. For a street view, see
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East Bay

East Bay

About Business Intelligence 101 in Livermore

Business Centers
Professional, full service space that caters to those looking to do private work in a shared environment with office facilities and services.
Coworking space for up to 5 users along with shared access to a private conference room for 12. Access to a printer along with shared access to the kitchen. Located in the heart of downtown Livermore. 1,000 square feet of office space with bonus covered patio for outdoor dining. Ample free parking at adjacent parking structure. Variety of nearby restaurants/dining options within 2 minutes walking distance. On Site Performing Arts Center, outdoor amphitheater, 13 screen movie theater, approved 2000 seat New Regional Theater planned directly across the street.
1 Monthly Space
4 Desks w/ Private Office
4 Desks w/ Private Office
Team Office for 5
1 month min. term (Auto - renewed)
This complete package books four cubicles and a private space that can be used as a private office or meeting room. The cubicles accommodate one user each and include wired and wireless internet access. The private meeting … View Details

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Cubicle 1
Cubicle 1
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