The Platinum Meeting Room at My Other Office
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This space is hosted by Ingrid Rushing.
Full refund if you cancel 24 hours before the reservation start time.
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Private Meeting Room for 7 at My Other Office
124 East Olive Avenue, Burbank, CA 91502
The Platinum Meeting Room
The Platinum Meeting Room is the perfect quiet space for a intimate party of 4-7. Basic service includes water, coffee and tea. A state of the art curved mounted monitor and dry erase board are are available to facilitate the most productive of meetings. Phone conferencing is available upon request.
Full refund if you cancel 24 hours before the reservation start time.
Cancellation Policy
Amenities & Services
Secure Wifi
30in. Monitor for Presentations, Free Secure Wifi, Coffee and Water
Keurig coffee/tea maker in the kitchen, available for use at any time. For any assistance, ask the receptionist.
Filtered Water
Filtered Water dispenser and or bottled water provided
Hosted Reception
Copy, Fax, Scan included with membership during weekday business hours on the flex floor.
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6AM 7AM 8AM 9AM 10AM 11AM 12PM 1PM 2PM 3PM 4PM 5PM 6PM 7PM 8PM
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Los Angeles

Los Angeles

About My Other Office in Burbank

Entrepreneurial, creative, techy vibe shared environments, with mostly open floor space and some private offices. Community and networking a big draw.
My Other Office offers a work environment like no other, centrally located in the heart of Old-Town Burbank. Built around the needs of the creative professional, My Other Office features private offices ideally suited for short - or long-term projects, as well as state-of-the-art conference room facilities wired for your presentation needs.
3 Monthly Spaces
Burbank Suite Dedicated Desk (24 Hour)
Burbank Suite Dedicated Desk (24 Hour)
Starting at $360/mo.
For 1 Dedicated Desk (3 available)
1 month min. term (Auto - renewed)
Show Rates
$360/mo. 6 month term
$400/mo. 1 month term
"This Is My Desk” 24 Hour Access Membership Package Beautiful Suite, Cozy Lighting, Comfortable Space for Entrepreneurs looking for a creative place to work in semi - privacy. Free Secure Wifi, Access to Copy / Fax / Scan … View Details
Flex Floor Space
Flex Floor Space
For 1 Open Desk (1 available)
1 month min. term (Auto - renewed)
Services include up to 1st floor communal workspace access during business hours. Free Wi-Fi Connection. Access to privacy booths for phone calls and/or skyping. Discount rates for use of our 1st floor special event space … View Details
Verdugo Ste -Team Office (Dedicated Dsk)
Verdugo Ste -Team Office (Dedicated Dsk)
For 1 Dedicated Desk (7 available)
three months min. term (Auto - renewed)
*****THIS PRICE IS PER DESK***** Dedicated Desk or Ideal Collaborative Team Space 24 Hour Access Membership Package Upbeat open floor work space ideal for entrepreneurs that need to spread out and are looking for a creative … View Details
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