Therapy Offices
907 Key Route Boulevard, Albany, CA 94706
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Therapy Offices

907 Key Route Boulevard, Albany, CA 94706
Therapy Offices
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The Therapy Offices in Albany, CA 94706 offers a small commercial psychotherapy, massage or coaching spaces that share a bathroom, a waiting room, mini kitchen with tea kettle, and storage closet. Walls are double-sheetrocked for sound insulation. The office is about 10 feet by 11 feet. ADA accessible and wifi available. Therapy Offices, Albany, is about 15 miles northeast of SF. It is near a number of eateries, including pizza joints, Korean food, and coffee shops. The Therapy Offices are also close to a number of bus stops along Solano Ave., which is within walking distance. It is a quiet and friendly atmosphere with a mix of therapists and health practitioners. We would love to host you! You are welcome to check it out before-hand, as well.
We are located at the intersection of Key Route Blvd and Solano Ave.

Amenities & Services at 907 Key Route Boulevard

  • WiFi
  • Accessibility
  • Coffee/Tea
  • Entry
  • Kitchen
  • Parking
  • Window View
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