Red Poppy Art House
2698 Folsom Street, San Francisco, CA 94110
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Red Poppy Art House

2698 Folsom Street, San Francisco, CA 94110
The Red Poppy Art House is a room on a corner in the Mission District of San Francisco, nestled between a myriad of communities. It is a place for slowness and the nuanced intermingling of ideas and activities generally termed "art." In this little room, we present a vigorous performance program spanning multiple disciplines, and embracing both traditional and contemporary forms. We also host artist residencies, a socially-engaged professional development track, weekly family art activities, and assist in curating space for the neighborhood-wide bimonthly MAPP Happening (Mission Arts & Performance Project). We also make our space available for private event and meeting space rentals. Behind the scenes, we relish in the role of matchmaker, seeding new relationships wherever we can, among friends and strangers, artists, community members, people without communities, people from near and far, just about anyone that comes through the door. Our desire to serve as a space of multiplicity, not defined by a singular culture or aesthetic, but as a well-spring of socially-engaged art and discourse that invites growth and transformation. If we had to name our dominant aesthetic, we would call it. . . "slow." Note for rentals: our hours are both irregular and adaptable. We schedule rentals according to space availability.
1 Hourly Space
Red Poppy Art House
Red Poppy Art House
Starting at $100/hour
Event Space for 49
Show Prices
$400/half‑day ($100/hour)
$800/day ($100/hour)
The main space of the Red Poppy Art House is an aesthetically crafted environment for performances, presentations, meetings, and special events often likened to an old world cafe from Europe or South America, but with a contemporary … View Details
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