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LiquidSpace was built to help you find a better space to meet or work from a marketplace of thousands of workspaces and meeting rooms.

We’re on a mission to enable everyone to find the workspace that’s right for them. The right workspace is the one that drives productivity, is tailored to you and your needs at that time, and makes the work a little more enjoyable. We’re also driven to help enterprises transform their approach to providing a productive workplace as we all find ways to use the existing built landscape more effectively.

LiquidSpace is backed by Greylock Partners, Floodgate Fund, Shasta Ventures, GPT Group, CBRE, and Steelcase.

Need space?

Book on the go or plan ahead to work for an hour or for a day. Browse, reserve, and check in to hip coworking venues, high-end business centers, handy hotel lobbies or libraries. Find the right workspace wherever you are, whenever you need it.

Have space to share?

Unlock the hidden value in your space by making it available to LiquidSpace members. When you list your available workspaces, you'll control users of your venue, set pricing and hours, attract new users, and make some extra money by making good use of your space.

Read more about the future of work and your role in this exciting movement on our press page.
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Our team embraces the freedom to choose great workspace on demand

Our team lives and works across the country and uses the LiquidSpace app to connect with the global work community with a focus on choice, productivity, and satisfaction.

Meet the team that's an active part of this new workspace ecosystem.

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LiquidSpace is backed by Greylock Partners, Floodgate Fund, Shasta Ventures, GPT Group, CBRE, and Steelcase.

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Work happens wherever you are

Choose from an ecosystem of great spaces to work all around you in real-time.

  • 2,500+ bookable spaces available in 300 cities across the U.S. and Australia.
  • 20,000+ transactions per month

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